Women Police Officers

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Women Police Officers

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This paper is a complete research study of the recruitment and retention of women police officers.

This research paper is an observational study involving historical practices and a survey sampling qualified female officers and personnel working in Southern California law enforcement agencies. The author states that the study proves women are still being unfairly discriminated against in a majority of law enforcement agencies, even though the new contemporary model of community policing is attractive to many potential female candidates; yet, a majority of agencies have not enacted true measures to attract, retain, and promote female candidates. The paper stresses that job descriptions still target traditional models of police agents, those that emphasize strength and force over problem solving and communication skills.

Table of Contents
Problem Statement (or Purpose)
Significance of the Study
Review of Relevant Literature and Research
AS-IS Status: Reasons and Impact
Advantages of Women in Police
Traditional Hiring Methods
Research Methodology
Research Technique
Research Design
Sources of Data
The Data Gathering Instrument
Instrument or Survey or Data Set
Proposed Project Schedule
Methodology Worksheet
“Another study reveals that police training instructors often have indicated that female officers are at an advantage over males in a variety of areas, most notably in their ability to have empathy toward others and “interacting in a way that is not designed in a way to prove something.” .Traditionally female officers have also reported greater interest and support for community policing, which as mentioned before is becoming the new emphasis in law enforcement agencies; female agents have also reported feeling less cynical, and in general have reported feeling more respectful in their view of citizens.”