Women In The Old Testament

Discusses inferiority of females in patriarchal tradition of Jewish narration & heritage. Exmines evil & sin, seduction, body v. spirit, subjugation, impact on Christian values, Semitic myths, wife-mother-harlot images and sexuality.

Therefore, Hannah offered to give her child to God. Moreover, not only did Hannah offer her child to God, but she delivered him to the service of the Temple as soon as he was weaned, so that he could devote himself to the Lord. Later, in the New Testament, a similarly devout woman, Mary, would be approached to give a child to God. Of course, the essential difference is that Mary did not pray to become pregnant; instead, she was chosen by the Lord to carry His son. However, both women offered up their sons to the service of the Lord and did so by their faith.
Of course, that is not the only similarity between the two women. In fact, after discovering that she was going to carry the son of God, Mary called …