What is Terrorism and What Can We Do About It?

A look at the many forms of terrorism and possible solutions.

This paper explains terrorism in all of its many forms, including violence, force, political terrorism, fear, threats, etc. The writer addresses some of the immediate actions that were or will be taken by the United States when the threat of terrorism occurs. The paper studies in particular the events of September 11 and how America plans to react to these attacks.
Table of Contents: What is Terrorism?, Current Danger of Terrorism, The Attacks on the United States, Conclusion
“Because of the type of attacks and the ferocity, it was immediately felt that this was the result of Palestinian terrorist groups. The Palestinians oftentimes mount suicide missions although there had been none this large to date. Several other countries were eliminated as possible suspects for different reasons. Many experts feel that Libya has no desire to attempt such an attack (Gibbs 32) and “Iraq’s Saddam Hussein has always favored loud, brutish force over quiet finesse (Gibbs 32). The most likely force behind these well-organized and brutal attacks is Osama bin Laden, whose attacks on U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were similar.