Vitamin Supplements

An argumentative thesis in favor of taking vitamin supplements.

The paper shows that consumers today are faced with a myriad of information concerning the safety and viability of vitamin supplements. One day the experts say one thing and the next day there are new studies by other experts. This all creates quite a dilemma for those who are trying to do the best for their bodies. The paper argues, however, that through the years there has been a steady stream of overwhelming evidence proving that vitamin supplements are helpful and beneficial for physical health, and moreover, may affect behavior. The paper uses information from various studies to prove that taking vitamins is extremely beneficial to ones health and well being.
“For years researchers have studied the benefits of vitamin E on the skin, hair, heart, and over-all health. Now researchers have proven that vitamin E supplements could save millions of health care dollars each year. A study published in the “American Journal of Cardiology” showed significant savings from various supplements, especially vitamin E. In a “double-blind, placebo-controlled trial involving 2,002 patients’ vitamin E reduced non-fatal heart attack risk by 77 percent (Natural 1998). Researchers found a savings of $578 per patient in patients taking vitamin E supplements compared to those who took placebos. The savings were based on a reduction in hospital admissions for nonfatal heart attacks.