Vehicular Homicide Convictions

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Vehicular Homicide Convictions

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Study of the disparity in sentencing guidelines for DUI (driving under the influence) vehicular homicide.

This study looks at the problem of disparity in sentencing guidelines when it comes to DUI vehicular homicide. The study examines this disparity, as well as the sentencing disparity that exists with other types of crime. The paper contends that, while race is a significant reason for the disparity, it is not the only reason. A look at the various causes for sentencing disparity and how the injustice might be corrected is also the subject of this study.

Statement of Problem and Hypotheses
Purpose of the Study
Importance of the Study
Scope of the Study
Rationale of the Study
Introduction to the Literature Review
History of Sentencing
Types of Sentencing
Sentencing Guidelines for DUI Homicides
Factors that Influence a Judges Decision
A History of DUI Laws/Legislation
“This has become a serious problem for many minority individuals, since many who have been sentenced are insisting that the guidelines under which they have been sentenced are unfair. Literature on this subject, which will be reviewed in Chapter Two, appears to indicate that some disparity may exist, and this is worrying for minority individuals, due to the fact that they are aware that, if they are arrested for DUI vehicular homicide, they will likely be punished more severely than those that are of the Caucasian race.”