U.S. Interests In Middle East

This paper looks at American policy toward Israel & Arab nations based on historical, economic, political, moral, global, and ideological considerations.

This study will investigate the Middle East in terms of the vital interests of the United States in that volatile region.
The foreign policy of the United States in the Middle East is precarious for a number of reasons. First, the U.S. considers Israel its primary ally in the region and appears ready to defend the existence of the state of Israel in that Arab-dominated area, although the extent of that defense has yet to be drastically tested. At the same time, however, strategic and energy issues have also led the United States to build important alliances with the Arab world. Third, the interests of the U.S. must be considered in light of the growing awareness that the U.S. has far less to say about the Middle East than once was believed, particularly in the aftermath of the humiliation at the hands of Iran, the collapse of U.S. policy in Lebanon, and the failure of(…)