Describes the Upanishads as a Vedic text containing basis for Hinduism in India & elsewhere. Looks at the history of the text, the nature of teachings, & sociological underpinnings of the writings.

The Upanishads is the ancient Vedic text containing the basis for Hinduism in India and elsewhere. The Upanishads are a mystical interpretation of man, God, and the universe and the relationships among them. These writings antedate the birth of Buddha in the fifth century B.C. and are also known as the Vedanta because they make up the end of the Veda, or the whole body of philosophic development extending from 1500 to 600 B.C. These were secret teachings which embodied the concepts of the world as illusion and the spirit as the highest perfection. The history of the Upanishads will be examined, as will the nature of its teachings and the practices encouraged by those teachings, followed by a consideration of the sociology underlying the writings and the ethics entwined in the writings.