Undoubtedly, nowadays, Google is one of the best company in the world to work there. There are a lot of facilities to work very hard in Google office.
High quality service is most important thing for Google. That is why, the company always try to create conditions well for employees. For instance there are swimming pool, bowling area, gym in Google office. Even if Google workers love animals they can bring their favorite animals in their workplace. These facilities can increase productivity of labor. However, this is not all, Google does not get run time for workers , employees can come to their work anytime. One of most motivation for employees is free food. These days, there are more than 20 restaurants to service for employees in Google building. All meals is completely free for all workers and also every Friday the company make a party for employees to exchange ideas and relax their jobs, Moreover, the company’s workers can use special busses that provide by Google. Now I will list some conveniences in Google work office which help employees to work well. ( All service is free for all workers)
Barber shop ( entirely free for all workers)
Medical service, if employees feel sick in the building, he or she can appear to the doctor, and also in some places, Google also offer onsite wellness and healthcare, including physician, chiropractic, physical therapy, and massage services.
If the company worker leave out his or her life. his or her family will receive his/her salary for following 10 years
Free mobile library- Google employees can use the latest collection books or magazines, other publications for free in Google’s mobile library
The company suggests discounts to its workers for different type of products and local parks
If employees love video games, Google offers thousand game title
As far as Google users are concerned, The company offers many services for their users. For example, Google search- Google search is one of the best search engine on the internet. Thus, the company offers android TV for consumers. It help users to watch online TV and use apps or playing games in their living room. Google create “Google ALLO” programs in 2015. It help people to make a conversation each other.

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