Transportation In Los Angeles

Examines the city policy on mass transit, paratransit & private means. Looks at th impact on business; Century Freeway project; Metro Rail system; light rail routes; safety & efficiency.

This paper discusses transportation policy in the city of Los Angeles, California. A variety of aspects of transportation
specific to Los Angeles will be mentioned. There will be some discussion of the evolution of the transportation system in Los Angeles. Though a variety of transportation systems will be dis-cussed, the emphasis will be upon rapid transit systems for the city of Los Angeles. Thus, an emphasis will be placed upon dis-cussion of the planned Metrorail system for Los Angeles. The evolution of Metrorail systems and their economic status, ease of use, etc. will be a primary discussion topic for this paper.
It should be noted at the outset of this discussion that there is a spectrum of options available in urban transportation modes. These options can be viewed as mass transit, paratransit, and private. The mass transit options include the commuter rail,(…)