Tourism in Dubai and UAE

This paper investigates major issues relating to tourism development strategy in the UAE, especially Dubai, which is the best-known and the fastest-growing tourist area in the Middle East.

This paper explains that the UAE is endowed with an extensive coastline fringed by white sandy beaches and a varied landscape suitable for a wide variety of activities from powerboat races to sand skiing to golf . The author suggests that, to draw more tourists to stay longer, increase spending, and make repeat visits, efforts need to be intensified to represent Dubai and UAE as exotic places with year-round events filled with a carnival atmosphere. This requires a well-planned and widely publicized tourism calendar throughout the year and well in advance. The paper stresses that tourism must be placed high on the national agenda and be given the same status as expor-oriented and infrastructure industry.

Table of Content
Background to Research Study
An Overview
Research Area of Study
Recent Development
Research Aim and Objectives + Research Questions
Research Aim
Layout of the Dissertation
Tourism Planning and Development
The History of Tourism Planning and Development in the Gulf Region
Sustainability and Tourism Development in the Middle East
Tourism as National Income Provider in Gulf States
Case Study Dubai, UAE and Middle East
History of Dubai and UAE as Tourist Destinations
Changes in Tourism Development in Dubai, UAE and Middle East
Reason for the Increase In Tourism Development of Dubai
Winning Combination
Quality of the Infrastructure
Increase in the number of Visitors
Better Partnership between Public And Private Sectors
Government Policy
Growth in Service Sectors
Germany as a Market
Expansion of Parking Bays at the Airports
Growth in the Non-Oil GDP
Oil Contribution
The Importance of Tourism for Dubai as a Secondary Source of Income
Obstacles to Future Tourism Development in Dubai and UAE
Changing Outlook
Transportation Network
Renovation of Tourism Product
Other Measures
“The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a federation, consisting of seven tribally based emirates that lead the southeastern portion of the Arabian Peninsula south of Bahrain and Qatar. The federation covers 83,600 square kilometers and geographically it is enclosed on the north by the Persian Gulf and Iran, on the east by Oman, and on the south and west by Saudi Arabia. Its geographical locations separate Oman from its territory on the Musandam peninsula and extend 90 kilometers along the Gulf of Oman, an area known as the al-Batinah coast. The curse of the nature in the form of arid desert and salt flats are visible everywhere. However, Arabs are not a frustrated lot due to arid climates and blessed in the form of oil reserves by the Mother Nature. They are blessed with mountains in the northeast that rise to 1,200 meters. Due to low rainfall, there are few fertile areas except in the north and among the oases.”