The Texas Rangers

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The Texas Rangers

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This paper discusses the Texas Rangers and tries to determine their influence on the criminal justice system.

This paper explains that the Texas Rangers were established over 180 years ago as a means to protect American settlers in this new, harsh land. The author points out that the Rangers fought back against a tarnished reputation and underwent a number of changes in duties to establish themselves as one of the most respected law enforcement agencies in the country. The paper relates that, since the majority of Rangers keep their jobs until they retire, for each opening, there are 150 to 300 applicants.

Table of Contents
Early Rangers
Changing Times
A Famous Past
Today’s Rangers
New Duties
An Impressive Record
Women in the Rangers
Becoming a Ranger
A law was passed by the Texas Legislature in 1901 creating four companies with 20 Rangers in each . However, the image of the Rangers became tarnished in the late 1920’s due to political corruption. When Gov. Miriam Ferguson took office in 1933, more than 2,000 Special Rangers were appointed, including some ex-convicts, causing many Rangers to resign. After an investigation by a Texas Senate committee, Texas law enforcement was overhauled and the Rangers came under the control of the Department of Public Safety.. The Rangers were condensed to a force of 36, who received specialized training and their own crime lab.