The Lady with the Pet Dog and Profound Revelation

A discussion of this work by Anton Chekhov.

Profound revelation is at the heart of Anton Chekhov’s short story, The Lady with the Pet Dog. Chekhov creates a simple, yet moving story, that operates on several levels. This paper examines how Chekhov writes in a nontraditional form, infuses elements from past stories, and applies personal events to shape this story.
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The most compelling aspect of The Lady with the Pet Dog is the transformation of Dmitry Gurov. In the beginning of the story, Gurov appears to be almost dysfunctional when it comes to personal relationships. He experiences difficulty establishing a satisfactory bond with his wife. We are told that he privately considered her of limited intelligence, narrow-minded, dowdy, was afraid of her, and did not like to be at home (Chekhov 197). In fact, Gurov had been unfaithful to his wife quite often. Additionally, Gurov does not establish solid relationships outside of his marriage. Because of his infidelity, he almost always spoke ill of women and refers to them as the inferior race (197).