The Chinese

The Chinese, Greeks, and Romans each had a similar make up but excelled in their own unique skills. China made headway in Confucianism and architecture. The Greeks passed all other in the study of philosophy, government (Polis), and also made great progress in architecture. Then in the end of Greece’s reign, Rome replaced Greece as the rulers of the Mediterranean sea and also excelled in architecture, roadways, and brilliant military strategies.
Though Greece, Rome, and China all focused on architecture in their own time, they also took serious measures to perfect their trade routes. The main reason their economy worked so well from trading is because they created routes by water and by land. The only major difference China has with their trade routes compared to Rome and Greece is the type of water they use to trade. The Romans and Greeks used the Mediterranean Sea and China built its routes based around the Yellow River.
As we look back on Greece and Rome they may seem to mix together in our heads. The most notable differences between the two is their government and practices of religion. The Romans gained most of their culture from the Greeks though the Greeks never had a central government while the Romans governed under a Republic system. The Greeks, unlike the Romans, had a polytheistic belief system (belief in many Gods), while the Romans slowly shifted to Christianity after Rome replaced Greece. The notable differenced between Rome and China is their government but unlike Greece and Rome, had two different military tactics. In China’s government, their emperor was appointed to power by inheritance to the former emperor while the emperor of Rome was chosen by a council. Another difference in Rome and China’s governments is how the emperors could reign over their kingdom. For China, the emperor had the power to do as they pleased while the Roman emperor must consult with their senate before making decisions. Unlike China who almost always was in a time of peace, Rome was always in battle trying to increase the size of their empire and strengthen their trade routes.
China and Greece both excelled in their parts of the world when it came to trading but did so very differently. China used land routes to create a series of roadways (Silk Route) which connected them to many neighboring countries. Because Greece is a peninsula, they established trade routes in the Mediterranean Sea along with small roadways as well.