The Case for Water on Mars

Scientific analysis of some of the evidence pointing to the existence of water on Mars.

The paper looks at the Viking landing missions on Mars twenty years ago and their tests for biological processes on the Martian surface. It looks at how a recent series of orbiting Martian missions has yielded a good deal of chemical and geographic observations from afar. The most exciting possibilities have come from the analysis and interpretation of Martian surface formations seen by these missions. The paper includes a detailed description of these formations such as outflow channels, seepage gullies and several others. In further searches for definitive findings, several missions in the near future will land on Mars and hopefully provide the best data yet. This paper details some of the discoveries made to date, the strongest arguments for water on Mars and what the future holds for Martian exploration.
“The thought of life on Mars has intrigued humans for centuries. As Martian astronomy has made incredible leaps in the past 100 years and many spectacular discoveries have been made, we are still not sure if life does or has ever existed on Mars. Over the last thirty years, as our knowledge of biological functions has increased, scientists have focused more and more on the existence of liquid water as the biggest single indicator of possible life. To that end, much work and controversy has surrounded man’s efforts to find evidence of that all important ingredient for the development of life on Mars.”