The American and French Revolution

This paper compares the French Revolution and the American Revolution.

This paper gives a general history of the American and French Revolutions. The author compares and contrasts these two significant pieces of history. A discussion of the causes for both revolutions and how the enlightenment played a major role in both of them. In addition the author gives the course of events that made these revolutions occur and their consequences.
“All men are born free, but everywhere they are in chains. This and other statements from the enlightenment played major roles in the American and French Revolutions. The American Colonists felt that Britain was not giving them fair representation in parliament and that they were being deprived of their basic human rights. The people of France were starving and being treated harshly by their government. Both the French and the Americans rose up against authority and gained their freedom. When the fighting was over both countries formed a republican form of government and had a major effect on many different countries around the world.”