Technology and Stress

A review of two articles on the role of technology in workplace stress.

This paper examines how the increased use of technology in today’s workplace has had a largely negative effect on workplace stress and reviews two articles on the topic. The applicability of each of the articles in relation to a type of organization similar to the law/claims group of a public utility is also analyzed, giving recommendations. The two articles are Michael C. Dennis’s “Technology and Stress in the Workplace”, which focuses closely on the newly emerging impact of technology-mediated stress in the credit industry, and the State of Utah’s article,Workplace Stress.
The State of Utah’s article can be applied to a public utilities law/claims group type of organization. Employees in such an organization are likely to share the feeling that workplace stress is an ingrained feature of office life. Further, these employees likely share the impression that there is little that can be done to combat technology-fueled workplace stress. Importantly, the characteristics of those who deal well with workplace stress can also be applied to employees in the field of public utilities. will writing service brentford