Teaching Holocaust in Lithuania

An overview of how the holocaust is included in the Lithuanian school curriculum.

This paper discusses holocaust education in Lithuania and attempts to argue that even today it is influenced by social and political context. It deals mostly with the context in which the holocaust education is formed and what is emphasised. It also looks at the impact of this context to children’s attitudes and stereotypes towards the Jews. The inclusion of the holocaust in the secondary school curriculum is also examined including different methods of presentation.
The more concrete question of the Holocaust is covered in the 10th form curriculum under the topic Democracy and Dictatorship, which is aimed to explain the formation of Nazi Germany. Subtopic devoted to it is called Anti-Semitism and the Jewish Genocide. The negative sides of dictatorship tend to be presented through the negative phenomena. It might appear that the Holocaust is nothing more but the outcome of the arrangement system of dictatorship as political power. Such presentation could create a view, according to which, there would have been no Holocaust, if all the countries had applied and cherished democratic institutions.