Sustainable Tourism

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Sustainable Tourism

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A discussion of the tourism industry since the September 11 terrorist attacks, which negatively affected the industry .

This paper looks at the concept of sustainable tourism, defined as tourism capable of maintaining its viability in an area indefinitely. The paper explores the products needed in the industry to maintain growth, as well as the systems being introduced by governments and the UN to encourage global tourism.

UN backing
Definition of sustainable tourism
Why do it?
Sustainable tourism products
Basic requirements for governments in managing ecotourism
Marketing tools for agencies promoting sustainable tourism
Problems in moving toward sustainable tourism
“Despite terrorism, despite vagaries of national currencies, despite “virtually anything, it is likely that tourism will continue as long as mankind does; man is an explorer, and has always been. So it makes sense, in this era of heightened interest in anything exotic for nations that possess extraordinary natural or historic sites to exploit them. Doing so gives the people what they want? the tourist people in any case. But doing so can also give the local population what it needs: improved infrastructures, improved services from clean water to modern medical care. There is one caveat, however. Sustainable doesn’t mean that these sites will manage themselves and continue indefinitely to provide benefits.”