Student Rights

This paper interprets the history of court rulings in student-administration cases, organized chronologically beginning with the 1887 Hill v. McCauley case in which the University of Pennsylvania was overuled in suspension of student.

In the so-called enlightened, liberal atmosphere of the legal sector the realization of civil rights has become one of the most visible areas litigated in recent times. While the constitution professed equality of opportunity s early as 1789, we are still involved in a slow exploration into the safeguards placed in, notably, the Bill of Rights. Their effect on the lives of hapless persons caught up in judicial decisions is a most dramatic commentary on the limitations of governmental power in modern times. Unquestionably the Bill of Rights can be looked upon as our defender of freedom that is unique in its battle against injustice.

There are numerous people that find protection from persecution under the various amendments of the Bill of Rights but none so much as the traditional minorities of the country, …