Stress & Anxiety

This paper exmines stress and anxiety looking at definitions, types, positive & negative stress, causes, effects and treatment.

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There are a number of ways to note stress, particularly of the more dangerous distress which are not immediately evident, but which deserve monitor throughout one’s life.
First, general irritability, hyper-excitation or depression is associated with unusual aggressiveness or passive indolence, depending upon one’s constitution. It often manifests under what is sometimes called the prima donna complex, personality traits associate with singers, actors military men, scientists,
politicians or anyone who is often the center of attention. It is often called a buildup of self-centeredness. The prima donna is extremely sensitive to stress and criticism, and is vain, by not being sensitive to others? feelings.
Other symptoms from stress, anxiety and depression include a pound in of the heart, which defines high blood pressure, a dryne(…)