Stress and Low Morale

An examination of the effects of stress on employee well being.

The effect of stress on employees’ morale, motivation and satisfaction at work. The paper discusses the causes of stress and how it effects the performance of employees in an organization.
Stress is experienced by almost every one of us. The reasons can be numerous ranging from family tensions, problems at school or anxieties at the workplace. The perception of stress is usually misunderstood because of its complexity. Stress has been defined in a number of ways. However, the basics of most of these definitions are the same . Stress is a person’s adaptive response to excessive psychological or physical demands caused by one stimulus. (James & Jonathan, 1984) The stimulus causing the stress is said to be a stressor. It is not necessary that a stimulus causing stress for one person may also affect other individuals. Stress is caused only when a stimulus places excessive demands on the individual and some individuals have more patience for certain demands as compared to other individuals.