Southern Baptist Stance on Homosexuals in Church

A look at Southern Baptist Convention’s stance on gays and lesbians.

This is an opinion paper about the Southern Baptist Convention’s stance on gays and lesbians in church. The author looks at the rhetoric used by both sides of the issue and examines the truth behind the rhetoric.
“The worst part about this public condemnation and mud-slinging campaign is that Christianity is being portrayed to the world as a religion lacking compassion, love, and forgiveness despite the fact that Christianity is built on these principles. Not only does it negatively affect the feelings of non-Christians, but the problems appear in the church as well. The disparity between the teachings of Christ and the teachings of certain political leaders is certain to cause a great feeling of distress in the lives of the majority of moderate Christians. For the confused Christian seeking answers to the riddle of God’s message about homosexuality, Anthony Vaselek confers useful advice : God Himself does not force us to love Him, nor obey Him. What right do we have to do that which God Himself won’t do? Love encompasses free will, the giving of love promotes Christ (Vaselek par. 5).”