Reverse Discrimination

This paper discusses reverse discrimination: Allan Bakke case of 1978, judicial policy making and affirmative action.

Clearly, colleges and universities are coming under fire for discriminating against students who are not minorities. These students, who may shine academically, are not admitted because of their skin color or lack of it, while other, less deserving students are admitted simply to add to the school’s ethnic diversity. In other academic areas, students may be admitted who excel in athletics, but do not excel scholastically. Again, a student who is more academically suited may not be admitted to make way for the athlete. This is extremely unfair to deserving students who have the intelligence and test scores necessary to excel in a university setting, but do not get the chance simply because they do not fit into the university’s ethnic balancing act. To counteract these problems, many states have banned the use of ethnicity or race as a qualifier when admitting students to state universities and colleges.