Religion, Gays, and the Media

Examines how religion influences the way homosexuality is portrayed in world media.

This paper examines the opinion of the Roman Catholic Church on the issue of homosexuality and how it contradicts the views of other, more ‘liberal-minded’ churches on the subject. The paper investigates the homosexual debate (nature vs. nurture) and explores why gays choose to live their lives contrary to many of the world’s accepted religions.The paper shows how gays and homosexuality are portrayed in the media and the influence of the church on this issue. It also looks at the question of continuing to portray worthy gay individuals via entertainment and the media.

Paper Outline
The Stance of Other Churches
Moving from Religion to Secular Morality
Does Weird Science Support Regarding Homosexuality as a Sin?
Psychiatric Help
Legal Footing
Annotated Bibliography
Cultural relativism is equally unlikely to provide an underpinning for abandoning the insistence of the Papal pronouncements and cleaving to those of churches that have chosen to see homosexuality as a natural expression of creation. Cultural relativism proposes that if our culture approves of a thing, then it is right. If a culture approves of showing homosexuality on TV or in the movies, then in cultural relativism’s terms” it must be the right action. That would be convenient, especially as the preponderance of media that displays homosexuality must be acceptable to a great deal of our culture, those who create, display and consume it.”