Reiki and Nursing

Discusses reiki as an alternative type of therapy within the context of nursing.

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For nurses, reiki has the potential of becoming an essential part of practice, as it offers many of the benefits of healing touch, without the drawbacks. The paper looks at the history and science of this alternative therapy. It then looks at the significance of reiki to nursing before presenting a literature review on the topic. The paper concludes with findings and a summary.
“She notes that no matter whether there is ultimately a cure, the goal of holistic healing is to alleviate suffering and promote well-being, or at least adaptation in order to accept a degree of well-being. She also tackles the relative non-acceptance of alternatives such as Reiki by some patients. She notes that the easiest way to start is with therapies that do not yet require additional credentialing, such as Reiki. She notes that a potential for malpractice claims exists, however, and nurses should gain permission from patients and inform supervisory staff about administration of alternative therapies. (Ward, 2002)”