Public Relations Evaluations

Study of the importance and methods of evaluating the effectiveness of public relations.

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This paper presents an thorough study of public relations (PR) evaluations. It explains what PR evaluations are, the importance of the evaluations, and explains the different types of PR evaluations and the techniques used. The paper also provides evaluation models, case studies, and theories.

What is PR Evaluation?
Importance of PR Evaluation
Types of Evaluation
Formative and Summative Evaluations
Inputs, Outputs and Outcomes
Techniques of PR Evaluation
Evaluation Models
Other Theories
Objectives of Public Relations and PR Evaluations
Barriers to Evaluation
Case Studies and Theories
Effective Measures
“The evaluation debate in public relations focuses on media evaluation, as PR efforts aim to obtain is media coverage. As a result, press clippings and transcripts/tapes serve as evidence of that activity. However, it is important to understand that media evaluation must be kept in context, because it actually only examines the process of public relations evaluation, not the result.”