Public Opinion and the National Dominant Media

This paper discusses that the dominant media culture in our county controls the media, education, and other “cultural linkage” institutions, leading the public decidedly in one direction.

This paper relates that the dominant media culture is the minority, but it controls the majority of cultural influence pipelines. The author points out that the media conglomerates are successful because they present a diverse political and cultural viewpoint that the nation has not heard since CBS, NBC, and ABC took over control of the media centers of the country over 50 years ago how to write a good essay for medical school. The paper concludes that the process of understanding the political landscape is ultimately the individual?s, not the media’s, responsibility.
According to Common Cause, the big media companies are making their voices heard via large contributions to government legislators in order to gain majority access to the commercial air waves. They are accused of pushing through new rules that allow the huge corporations to buy up more and more media outlets such as television stations, cable networks, radio stations, and newspapers. The results, according to Common Cause, are that we will all be turned into mind numbed robots by the media monopoly. Deregulation, they say has made media outlets less diverse, less inclusive, and less involved with local communities.