Pros and Cons of NAFTA

An examination of how NAFTA affects the average laborer.

This paper provides several angles on NAFTA and its effects on America’s union workers today. It also looks at how it impacts large corporations. The writer gives pros and cons, as well as his own opinion on the rights of the laborer of today and yesterday.
Every day millions of people go to work, some are happy with their jobs and some are not. There are many people who hate their jobs, but simply do them because they have to. Then there is also the factory worker, who seems to be getting the raw end of the deal. Through numerous articles, I have found a common problem shared by laborers or factory workers. Not only do they struggle with the long hours and sometimes-unhealthy job sites, but they too also battle just to make enough wages to live by. Sadly, this seems to be an ongoing battle from the days of the past. If a laborer is part of a large corporation, most likely he or she has joined a union. Unions were formed to make sure that those healthier work environments are available to employees. Unfortunately, these rights that every worker or laborer deserves is being sidestepped to mass production.