Product Development Process Project

This paper is a complete engineering class group project to demonstrate the product development process for a Portable Compressed Air and Hydro-pneumatic Jack.

This paper presents a group engineering project from pre-selection between two products to market identification to manufacturing to prototype. The paper includes many tables and drawings.

Table of Contents
List of Figures
Product Planning
Mission Statement: Portable Compressed Air and Hydro-pneumatic Jack (car jack)
Mission Statement: Athletic Safety Support Pack
Identifying Customer Needs
Product Survey and Responses
Customer Needs Level of Importance
Product Specifications
Metric Level of Importance
Link Metric to Customer Needs
Benchmark on Customer Needs
Benchmark on Metrics
Assigned Marginal and Ideal Values for Metric Component Estimates
Final Metric Specifications
Product Uniqueness and Significance
Concept Generation
Clarify the Problem
Search Externally
Search Internally
Explore Systematically
Concept Selection
Concept Screening
Concept Scoring
Design for Manufacturing (DFM)
Manufacturing Cost
Reduction of Component Cost
Reduction of Assembly Cost and Supporting Production
Impact of DFM and Conclusion
Types and Purpose of Prototypes
Instructions for Tire Change
Prototype Uses
Prototype Strategy
Prototype Method(s)
Critique Evaluation
List of Sources
“After careful evaluation of our two major products, we narrowed our focus to one, the Portable Compressed Air and Hydro-pneumatic Jack. Once we did this, we wanted to ensure that the product focused on customer needs. In order to understand where our product fulfilled customers’ needs we identified the latent or hidden needs as well as explicit needs using a Product Survey and Response. We then used the result of the survey to provide a fact base for justifying the product specifications. We created an archival record of the needs activity using a table to ensure that no critical customer need was missed or forgotten.”