Pro Wrestling

This paper reviews whether the violence in pro wrestling cause violence in children.

The paper explains that professional wrestling, one of the most popular sports in America today, is an extremely violent sport that is built upon the centuries old theme of “good vs. evil,” somewhat like a medieval jousting tournament. The author relates that, while many educators and parents seem to think watching televised wrestling matches creates more violence in their children, many others find their children are mature enough to recognize the difference between the reality of violence and the fantasy portrayed during wrestling matches. The paper concludes that the evidence, though certainly debatable, seems to point conclusively to televised wrestling creating more violence in children who watch it.
“The many fans of pro-wrestling (and there are many) do not think the violence is “over the top” or out of control. Doug Martin, a fan of professional wrestling for many years, and totally understands its current popularity. He says there is a “‘constant search for new subcultures to enliven our entertainment diet.’ Wrestling fills that void nicely, and its broad appeal is not unlike the intense popularity of NASCAR,” he continues. Fans also say they know the moves are choreographed, but that is one of the reasons they love the sport. “That’s just the point, wrestling fans say. They love the grunting moves and choreography for the same reason: Everyone knows they’re orchestrated””.