Pete Rose

This paper discusses the career and different perceptions of Pete Rose, the baseball great.

This paper, in addition to detailing Rose’s life, describes the controversy around his ethics. The paper points out that Rose was banned for life from baseball as punishment for gambling on the games, and he has not been induced into the Baseball Hall of Fame. The author feels that Rose’s ethical behavior and his baseball skills need to be separated and that he should be admitted.
“Others, including many baseball players, feel Rose got his just desserts when he was banned for life from baseball. His arrogance rubbed against the grain of many fellow teammates. Former teammate, Joe Morgan, describes how Rose always played hard with his chest strutted out, saying, “I never say anybody who played every game like it was the seventh game of the World Series, not even me but” “A lot of guys say they wouldn’t come back if Pete gets in. Bob Feller believes no one would come back. When Johnny Bench was being inducted into the Hall of Fame a few years ago, shouts of We want Pete came from the crowd, to which Bench responded, You can have him Bench clearly has no sympathy for Rose. Recently during a radio interview, the commentator remarked that society has become liberal enough that there is common acceptance for many things such as recovering alcoholics and drug addicts, so why not gambling is betting illegal? Bench remarked, It is if you’re playing the game” Everybody says “Oh, that’s Pete. Then everybody is betrayed.