Open Table


“Open Table”

The article, Restaurateurs Find Opportunities in New Technology on Memphis DailyNews gives details on, which is a web-based application for reservation and table management services in restaurants. The article provides the benefits of online reservations. Most of the information on the benefits of open table is given from the point of view of the users, who are the restaurant operators. The article also provides background information on the program, for example the date when it was founded and the average number of users of the website.

The information offered in the article is important both for the restaurant operators and the potential clients who would want to use the website to access services. The website is revealed as a blessing to the restaurant operators in this economy where individuals are cutting costs on dining. Open Table is a significant tool in this era of technology where most things including shopping are being carried out online. The website is convenient for the clients who do not have to move out of their houses to make reservations. From one’s office or house, it is possible to make a reservation and be assured of the right table when one reaches the restaurant. The website is also beneficial to the restaurants operators since it has brought in business at the time when restaurants are threatened with closure due to the hard economic times. The restaurants are assured of business due to the convenience brought about by the website. The website has also enabled the operators to be able to serve their customers well, since there is information online on the kind of customer they are expecting and the table he or she has booked. It also allows the operators to prepare for their clients in advance since information required is issued in advance. The clients are able to choose from a wide range of alternatives provided. The description of the restaurant as well as pricing, hours, payment choices, and parking information is given. Some of the weaknesses of the website are the need for regular updating and the cost. However, despite the fact that it is expensive, restaurant operators will continue to use it as their clients are using it and the benefits exceed the costs.

The media has provided the information concerning the website in such a way that it is marketing the website. Giving the average number of users of the website is a clear indication that the article is marketing the website. The benefits of the website are discussed in details as compared to the weaknesses.  This means that there is imbalance in the way the strengths and the weaknesses are discussed. People coming across this article cannot help but use the website for the goodness portrayed. Again, the article is discussed from the point of view of the restaurant owners and operators who are the greatest beneficially of the website. It would do the article more justice had it provided some information from the point of view of the customers or the general public. The article would be more beneficial to the potential clients and the general public if it was more balanced. Nevertheless, the facts offered by the operators who air their views on the article are beneficial to the potential clients. It helps to know how operators who are the real users of the website feel about it. The article is basically written from the voice of the users of Open Table. This clearly indicates the potential of the website for restaurant operators and their clients.


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