Nowadays there is an attitude that ‘anyone can do it’

Nowadays there is an attitude that ‘anyone can do it’. Particularly, in the arts. And I partly agree with this. I would like to speculate on this topic and express my opinion.
Today it is quite common to see people with no talent making a lot of money in art industry. Most of the time those people have famous families or just a good budget to start with, and sometimes, even both. Having some connections through friends or relatives is probably the most common possibility to become famous. There are also situations where people get famous for their bad behavior on TV shows or YouTube. Let’s take Danielle Bregoli as an example. She is 14 and became famous for her disrespectful attitude. After she appeared on “Dr.Phil” show last year her career became crazy successful. The episode she was starring in is the most watched one in the history. Now she is making millions by appearing at different music videos, and even making her own rap. This is a pure example of stupidity of our today’s society. There are also many people who gained fame by money such as:… What is more, if we are speaking about music industry it is important to mention that the voice is not important anymore. With the emerge of new technology ‘autotune’ became popular to perfect any sound. Makqa hit is not a problem anymore!
However, it does not mean that it is impossible to become successful. There are a lot of talent shows, and most of them are shown on TV. For example: the voice, … and many others. Contestants are going through several stages and for the most of them it is the only chance to show their potential to the world.
Unfortunately, all of this has changed now. Globalization has brought new standards for show and media stars. For singers, actors and dancers it is important to be fit and pretty. A lot of pure talents got rejected because of the way they look.
In other forms the situation is common.
Overall, I do think that money plays much more important role in becoming famous than talent. However, I hope that in the future people will realize how important being gifted is.