Mozart As Child Prodigy

Discusse his childhood, family, early genius, influences, tours, social activities and first major compositions.

The subject, of this report is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as a child prodigy. The discussion will focus on Mozart’s early life, up to his 18th year, including the influences exerted on Mozart by his father and others with whom he came in contact, and the young Mozart’s accomplishments during this period.
Mozart was born in Salzburg, Austria on January 27, 1756, the seventh and last child of Leopold and Maria Anna Mozart. Of the seven, only he and the fourth child Maria Anna (Nannerl) survived (Sadie 1). Theirs was a very musical household, Mozart’s father Leopold being an able violinist in his own right, and court and chamber composer in Salzburg. He wrote church pieces, symphonies, concertos, clavier sonatas, and also an important study of the violin (Thompson 1442). Mozart’s sister Nannerl also possessed an exceptional musical ability, although(…)