Marxist Social Theory

This paper explores the economic, humanistic and philosophic aspects of Marxist social theory and emphasizes Marxism as logical outgrowth of previous concepts: Hegel, alienation, history, class conflict and private property.

The following research is on the subject of Marxist social theory. Perhaps no thinker has had a greater impact on the last century and a half than has Karl Marx. And, in what may appear at first to be a paradox, few thinkers of such impact have been less widely read and understood. With Soviet Russia the most visible heralder of Marxist thought, Marxism and all that it encompasses have become buzz-words synonymous with totalitarianism, oppression, and militaristic aggression.

That Marxist thinking has at least something to do with economics is understood by many though the humanistic core of Marxist thought and its philosophical antecedents generally are not. For the early Marx, that philosophical concept which held sway was alienation–the alienation of man from man, and of man …