Marketing and the Environment

An exploration of how external environmental factors impact marketing decisions in both domestic and global arenas.

This paper examines how marketing companies have to be ever-mindful of the world in which they do business if they want to be the as effective as they can be. It looks at how examining external factors such as legal issues, economic climate, and technological abilities can provide a foundation for stronger and more effective marketing of a product or service. It attempts to show that, whether it is a domestic or a global issue, these factors must be taken into account for any marketing plan to work.
“Another example of bait and switch tactics would be if a car dealership advertised a vehicle at a very low price, but when potential customers went to the dealership they were told the car had just been sold and then steered toward a more expensive vehicle. In addition to bait and switch examples there are many other legal liabilities that marketers must be careful of. Advertising a product as safe, when it in fact has several risk factors is another things that must be guarded against. In more recent times failing to WARN consumers about potential product problems has been construed as irresponsible as well.”