Madison Davis October 26

Madison Davis
October 26, 2017
CHM 399
Testing for the Presence Phthalates in Macaroni and Cheese -Working with Dr. Turner
Goal 1: Find out if certain brands of macaroni and cheese contain phosphates
• A previous report published by Coalition for Safer Food Processing & Packaging claimed that phthalates have been found in numerous brands of macaroni and cheese. The specific brands were not published, so one goal would be to figure out which brands have Phthalates, as some like Annie’s and Back to Nature claim to be natural and therefore better for you.
• The survey was funded by a group that focused on food safety, so there could be a basis. It is possible results may have been misrepresented because of this.
• First, the food will have to be crushed and homogenized. Phthalates can be extracted by from the macaroni and cheese with organic solvents like dichloromethane. Next, the can be dissolved in methanol then examined by GC-MS. With the use of standard, this will reveal if phthalates are present and if so what type.
Goal two: Find out quantity of phthalates in macaroni and cheese
• Health effects of phthalates depends on quantity. Finding out the quantities of phthalates in macaroni and cheese would help give an idea of the health effects they have.
• GC-MS can also be used to find out the concentrations of the phthalates in the macaroni and cheese.