Love Expressed

A look at the theme of love in three poems.

A paper examining how authors choose to express their feelings of love in poetic form. A look at Robert Browning’s Porphyria’ s Lover, Housman’s `When I Was One` and Twenty` and Thomas Hardy’s Neutral Tones.
For hundreds of years, people have used poetry to express their attitudes towards something or someone. In these centuries, the most common use for poetry is to express feelings of love. Through poetry, a person can say so much more than trying to verbally express his or her feelings. Also, this person’s identity does not need to be known if a nervousness is present about telling that special someone these feelings. This person may write an original poem if he or she feels able to do so, or, as others would chose to do, it is common to have another person write a poem that best conveys the feelings of one towards another. Poems may have changed their styles over the course of these generations, but the basic love poetry still remains, charming the hearts of millions of people. Along with love poems are the break-up poems that people dread receiving. The poems Porphyria’s Lover,` `When I was One and Twenty,` and `Neutral Tones` each convey this idea. ”