Land: Private Property, Public Control

This paper examinines land use, real estate, the processes of development, urban design and expansion and emphasizes the balance of profit motive and public need in planning transportation and uses theoretical approaches.

The purpose of this research is to examine the relationships between land, land use, real estate, the process of development, and the social implications which arise from these various interrelated aspects. The primary source of the research will be R.W.G. Bryant’s Land, Private Property, Public Control.

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Related closely to Bryant’s chapter Ownership and the Growth of cities? is F. Stuart Chapin Jr.’s Selected Theories of Urban Growth and Structure, from the Larry S. Bourne edited Internal Structure of the City. Both pieces deal specifically and theoretically with the dynamics, structures, and underlying assumptions and goals of urban design and expansion.

Bryant sets the tone for his examination of the modern city and its inevitable growth and multiple utilization: The tissue of a city is the product of a myriad of individual decisions by …