Lancaster, CA

A discussion of the history and urbanization of the Californian suburban city Lancaster.

This paper looks at Lancaster, CA , one of the greatest success stories of Los Angeles County which grew from a non-existent area to a busy suburb in less than a century. It evaluates its history from its discovery in 1876 through the major building projects that were undertaken during the economic boom of 1920s to receiving city status in 1977 and examines its development with services such as post offices, schools and hotels over the years. Today Lancaster is a highly urbanized city and it boasts of a very well educated community. With a land area of close to 229.975 square kilometers, this city is quite self-sufficient as people have easy access to all modern facilities and well-known supermarket chains.
“It is amazing that by 1930s, there were literally no medical clinics in the area. Lyle Sadler in his early recollections of Palmdale and Lancaster confirms the lack of medical facilities in this area. He writes, “For many years there were no doctors in Palmdale and a good part of the time none in Lancaster either–people took care of themselves and each other or went for Mom Everett, a midwife who delivered most of the babies, scarcely ever lost one either. She was a pretty good substitute for a doctor.” (See reference 2) Therefore the opening of its first big hospital in 1963 was a grand occasion for people here.”