Lakota Sioux Vision Quest

Discussion of the Lakota Sioux vision quest and its significance to the Lakota religion.

The paper reveals that one of the most important rites in the Lakota religion is the vision quest. The paper elaborates on this area of the Lakota religion and shows how the rite is filled with symbolism and is very representative of the Lakota religion in general. The paper discusses how most of the primary beliefs are expressed during the ceremony, everyone who takes part has a symbolic role to play essay writer reviews, and the elements of ritual, location and interpretation reveal much about how the Lakota perceive the world around them.
“One of the most important rites in the Lakota religion is the vision quest. Any man or woman could cry for a vision, or a lament, and in the old days the entire Lakota Sioux nation, both men and women, pursued vision quests frequently. The Lakota people believe that what is received through lamenting is determined in part by the character of the person who does the lamenting, and that only those people who are very qualified receive the greatest and most important visions.
“The lamenter’s visions are interpreted by a holy man, for the lamenter is considered incapable of understanding what he or she has experienced. This way of praying is very important, and is held in very high regard by the Lakota, who believe that they have received many good things from vision quests. (Foster 27)”