Karl Marx

This paper discusses the economic and social concepts presented by Karl Marx.

Karl Marx enjoyed many influences that helped create his views on political philosophy. While in France he met Friedrich Engels, who was another German social scientist and philosopher. He and Engels struck up a common interest with him in economics and class struggle. Marx’s most influential mentor was by far George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. He alone had the greatest impact on Marx’s views on political economics the most. After moving to France, Marx began all of his work which later earned him the titles of philosopher, political economist and political theorist. Ludwig Feuerbach was another philosopher who greatly influenced Karl Marx. Feuerbach argued that God is a creation of man and therefore the qualities of God are actually qualities of men. Agreeing with this notion, Marx thought that it is the material world that is real and that our ideas of it are consequences, not causes, of the world (MSN Encarta).