I’ve always known that I can’t allow myself to be confined to a career where I gain no sense of pride or satisfaction out of

I’ve always known that I can’t allow myself to be confined to a career where I gain no sense of pride or satisfaction out of, a degree in marketing would not only be extremely rewarding but it would truly allow me to gain confidence and harness the skills that would allow me to excel in the field of business I’m passionate about through learning about and enhancing skills such as being part of a team, learning quantitative methods for business management and looking at society, ethics and consumer behaviour – society and ethics been two key points of my sociology studies I’ve found fascinating.

The key to a successful business in today’s complex society is having a successful marketing team, which is another reason why I aim to study marketing at university, The marketing industry is growing rapidly and with the pressure marketing experts face to represent their organisations, a demanding profession which requires one to immerse themselves within their work is something that appeals greatly to me.
Throughout college, I have become a ‘peer mentor’, this role involves meeting with a younger student on a weekly basis who is perhaps having problems at school or struggling to adapt to high school life. During the weekly session, I plan activities such as games and confidence building activities to help my mentor feel more at ease at school. Not only has this contributed to improving my confidence through speaking to new people and speaking in front of an audience in peer mentor training – The peer mentor scheme has also improved my ability to communicate with people who are in a difficult place, helped me to devise solutions to problems and helped me give constructive and helpful feedback to school work shown to me by the students.
Earlier this year, in April, I was lucky enough to have the amazing opportunity to spend a day at Media City in Salford. Throughout the day, I shadowed a producer for BBC news North West, seeing the studio floor and the production gallery, as well as gaining the experience to see the live news at six been broadcast. Despite this not necessarily giving me an introduction to the world of marketing, the time I spent at Salford allowed me to witness the co-operation of many talented professionals, the breath-taking facilities and has in turn given me the motivation and inspiration to succeed in my studies both at college and university.

In addition to this, I currently have a part time job as a waiter in a busy, high intensity restaurant in Horbury called ‘ego’. The restaurant is immensely popular and on an average night, I can be solely responsible for serving and ensuring up to thirty guests are having a pleasant experience at any one time. Having the skills to communicate effectively with people on a day to day basis would be of paramount importance within a marketing career, being able to give clear instructions and listen to team members and customers is very important. Not only has this job completely improved my verbal communication skills, the job has improved an array of my skills such as time management and prioritisation, customer awareness, resilience and initiative. As well as enhancing my basic knowledge of business through learning about net profit, gross profit and integrated stock systems, as well as building upon my own persuasion and sales skills through pitching a specific wine or food to a customer to potentially benefit the business.
I truly believe university would be an unforgettable experience. Gaining a thorough knowledge about the field of business I have a genuine passion for, contributing to university life through joining new societies and having the chance to experience pure freedom by studying and living independently is a new challenge I am extremely excited for and an experience I cannot wait to begin.

During my studies,