Issues Of Abortion & Its Relation To The Right Of Privacy

Legal & constitutional discussion of several major abortion rights cases.

Probably the most divisive political issue in America today is the question of abortion, and one of the reasons it is so explosive an issue at the present time is because of its unsettled nature. After twenty years of enforcement of the Roe v. Wade decision that asserted that women had the constitutional right to an abortion, at least under certain circumstances, there are new Justices on the Supreme Court, fresh assaults on the underlying concepts of the Roe decision, and a growing sense that the decision may soon be overturned, throwing the issue of abortion back into the political arena. What are the constitutional arguments for the right of abortion and how does this relate to the issue of the right of privacy?

Privacy issues intersect with the Constitution in several different aspects, though there is no specific right of privacy enume (…)