Individual Ethics and Criminal Law in Clockwork Orange

Discussion of the attitudes toward criminal law in the book, “Clockwork Orange”, by Anthony Burgess.

The paper discusses how in the “Clockwork Orange” Burgess contends that the individual has no need to submit to the law of the government for that law is inherently corrupt. The paper explains that he suggests that the individual should make his own morals and ethics and follow a law that is to him acceptable; the paper highlights how this allows criminals to undermine the justice system. The paper provides an analysis of Burgess’ concept and concludes that while it may be a good suggestion in theory, if applied to civil society, it would allow all the deviant personalities within the realm to reign supreme and cause terror for all.
In his, book ‘A Clockwork Orange’ he has highlighted on how the state can use war convicts for their own purposes. The state can brainwash and direct the convict’s mind in whatever direction they want to. They were punished in the most horrific manner and were deprived freedom explained by Burgess. He believed that freedom was an accessory not available to those who either did the good or the bad. They were not in control of their own will, according to him, the Good or the Satan and thus they controlled them were merely toys wounded to work on the commands of others. Their faces were camouflaged by the expression of liberty thought they were not. They believed that they were free from all world duties and rather gay enough to lead their lives happily. But in the eyes of Burgess they were a apart of the ‘Clockwork Orange’ that is the part of an organism that works like a clockwork forced to work according to the wishes of another. He further reinstates that the state cannot be trusted with the safety of an individual life. One should learn to rely on his own shoulders than to let someone else wound him up like a toy monkey. Yet, he proposes that love and meditation are the best means of leading a normal and peaceful life on our only abode. In this book, he has the hero brainwashed and later resorted to his normal state of mind only when he is led through a shocking experience in his life.