IBM’s E-Business

An analysis of the e-business unit within the computer corporation, IBM.

This paper explains that the concept of e-business on demand has become popular in less than two years. The paper focuses on applications for medium-sized businesses whose requirements include e-services in the area of handling customers, completion of accounting, planning for human resources, and building up customer relationships.

The business on demand started by IBM was being kept on a master server by IBM Global Services. The business was expected to provide very low charges and accounting services could be had by a company for as little as $50 per month. The billing by IBM to the client was to be done quarterly. The price to be charged by IBM is low and depended on the usage by the client. This helped the small and medium sized companies to concentrate on business operations and leave the computer services to IBM. As this stage it is important to define the meaning of medium sized businesses. This is supposed to be businesses which employ between 100 and 1,000 employees. This section of business and industry are also rapidly increasing their usage of Information Technology. They are expected to be incurring an expenditure of $150 billion on this use. IBM is providing them simple solutions for their operations and this is expected to help them in the highly competitive business environment of today.