Hitchcock’s Contribution To The Suspense Thriller Genre

Examines Hitchcock’s contribution to the suspense thriller genre & movie-making in general. A number of his films are examined, but THE BIRDS, PSYCHO, & VERTIGO are prominently discussed.

The contribution of Alfred Hitchcock to the suspense thriller genre has been in essence to define it so that all subsequent films in the genre will aspire to the standards he set and will be compared to the films he made. This has indeed been the effect, so that films that have nothing to do with Hitchcock’s style, themes, or interests are said to be Hitchcockian thrillers by those seeking a superlative. An example playing at the present time is The Crying Game, a film compared to Hitchcock though it is not a Hitchcock-style film at all and only touches on Hitchcockian themes in terms of generic elements that are difficult not to have in a thriller.
Hitchcock’s contribution has been much broader than merely to the thriller genre, however, for he influenced a generation or more of filmmakers who learned from his films how to manipulate (…)