Henri Matisse and his Artistic Career

Discusses the life and works of artist Henri Matisse.

This paper provides biographical information on artist Henri Matisse and discusses his artistic career. Several of Matisse’s works of art are reviewed, and influences on his work are discussed, as well as the influence that Matisse has had on the world of art today.
Henri Matisse (1869?1954), a painter, draughtsman, sculptor, printmaker, designer and author, came into the world of art comparatively late in his life and made his reputation as the main exponent of fauvism, the first avante-garde artistic movement of the 20th century. As Russell T. Clement points out, fauvism was influenced by non-European cultures that were part of the new colonial dominions as found in Africa, Polynesia and Central and South America which encouraged more personal forms of expression than had been known in the West (89). His career seems to have begun in 1891 when Matisse registered at the Academie Julian and prepared for the entrance exam to the Ecole des Beaux-Arts despite his father’s objections to set his life course on the study of art. In 1892, Matisse was invited to join the studio of Gustave Moreau and he remained here until his marriage to Amelie Parayre in January of 1898.