Healthy Childhood Eating Habits

This paper discusses the responsibilities of parents and child caretakers have to teach and to ensure that their children have healthy eating habits.

This paper stresses that something is going wrong in the way our children are being taught to eat, and something is not right with the foods that are being offered to them how to write a paper for college/university. The author points out that children learn a surprising amount from watching the world around them and following the examples set by their parents, siblings, and other people in their lives; therefore, the entire family should agree about helping the child learn how to be healthy. The paper states that children cannot be expected to eat the same size portions as adults because their bodies are smaller; children must be allowed to decide when they are full.
“Additionally, in order for children to truly be able to develop healthy food-related habits, they must be allowed to help make decisions about what they eat. Many children are not allowed to decide what kinds of food they eat, when they eat, and how much they eat. It is common for parents to scold their children and tell them to “clean their plate” when the child feels they are done eating. ?Years ago, food was very hard to come by especially during The Great Depression and after World War II. When people have to deal with this sort of situation for years, they develop a certain mindset. Now we don’t have that problem.”