Gandhi: His Life & Message For The World by Louis Fischer

Analysis of the biography of this Indian leader. Examines his education, experience with racism, politics, personal development and non-violence.

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This essay presents a critical analysis of Louis Fischer’s
biographical account of Mahatma Gandhi in his work Gandhi: His
Life and Message for the World (1954). The essay first summarizes briefly Fischer’s account of Gandhi’s life and message. The better part of the paper is devoted to an analysis of the Fischer bio-graphy. The essay concludes with a brief summary of what has been said.
Summary of the Fischer Book
The title of Fischer’s book well describes what the author
wishes to accomplish: he wants to give an account of both the life
and the message of India’s revered holy man, who played such an
important and dominant role in the life of the nation in the
thirty years before it achieved independence on August 15, 1947.
In this brief summary of Fischer’s book we record the principal